Kihei Caffe is a diner done Hawaiian style!

Kihei Caffe opened its doors in the Kalama Park Village Shopping Center in 1996. Located on the south shore of Maui the Caffe captures the ever-laid-back essence of Kihei Town. Our motto is simple - eat, talk, share, and eat some more! 

Kept simple over the years because that's the way we like it. Our doors open at 5 Am for all the early morning adventures to be had or if you need a quick cup of coffee before surfing. 

If you come around 8-10 AM there will be a small line that moves very fast as this is our rush hour. Take some time to get to know your neighbor in line; don't worry the peak line only lasts 15 minutes but we're just getting your bacon crispy. 

Grab a menu on your way in or use the screens located inside! Find a seat outside or head to our indoor seating area located two doors over - this area is great for children. One of our servers will be coming around and will call out your name the ol' fashioned way so keep an ear peeled!